No Straw Policy

Australians use about 10 million single-use plastic straws every day. This adds up to a huge 3.5 billion a year – no wonder they are one of the most common items polluting our otherwise beautiful beaches and harming marine animals.

It is estimated that 8 million tonnes of plastic pollute our oceans every year.

We use plastic straws for an average of 20 minutes, but they stay around for approximately 600 years. So, when it comes to plastic straws, Barefoot Cinema says no.

Doesn’t mean you can’t have a straw at all – Barefooters are welcome to BYO reusable straws. Reusable straws are available in silicon, glass or metal and come in a range of different styles and colours.


You’ll be drinking from a reusable bettercup this season.

Bettercup was founded by two friends in Melbourne who have become increasingly conscious of the economic, social and environmental impacts of what they consume.
As regular event and music festival goers, they saw the large volumes of unnecessary waste that these events produce, and identified that this could realistically be preventable. Thus, bettercup was born. This local business creates reusable cups and provides services to events and venues to eliminate single-use waste to create a more sustainable future.

When you arrive at the Barefoot Bar, you will pay a deposit for your reusable cup, which you will then receive back when you return the cup.

Visit The bettercup Website


VINSBINS motto is “Excellence in Sustainable Waste Management. RECYCLING MORE, WASTING LESS.” This is why Barefoot Cinema uses VinsBins for all our waste management requirements. You can feel secure that when you throw any recyclable material into our bins at Barefoot Cinema, it will be recycled.

With over 15 Years in Sustainable Waste Management, VinsBins is a family run waste management company operating from their own purpose built site in Dromana on the Mornington Peninsula. They have a team of people to sort, separate, recover and recycle all incoming waste streams. This ensures that of all the waste they collect, over 82% of it is recycled, which ensures more material is recycled and less waste goes into landfill.

Thanks to our Gold Partner Carman’s, there will also be a soft plastics bin on-site for guests to dispose of all those soft plastics wrappers that can’t be processed by standard recycling plants, so make sure you keep an eyes peeled and dispose thoughtfully.

Visit The VINBINS Website

Public Transport and Car Share

We want to minimise the impact of pollution on our beautiful venues, and make sure that you can have the most relaxed night out with us, including having a drink or two at the bar – safely. This is the best way to do all these things:

Getting to Barefoot Cinema at Quarantine Station Parade Ground, Portsea: There is limited parking at the Portsea venue, so car-pooling or taking the local bus to Point Nepean National Park are your best options. There is even free parking if you have three or more people in your vehicle. If there is less, you will be asked to pay a $5 parking fee. See more detailed information and directions on the Getting There section of the Portsea location page.

Getting to Barefoot Cinema at Mount Martha: There is limited parking at the Mount Martha venue, so car-pooling or taking the local bus are your best options. There is even free parking if you have three or more people in your vehicle. If there is less, you will be asked to pay a $5 parking fee. See more detailed information and directions on the Getting There section of the Mount Martha location page.

Getting to Barefoot Cinema at Rippon Lea Estate: There is limited street parking at the Rippon Lea Estate venue, so sharing cars or taking the Train or Tram are your best options. The public transport stops are super close! See more detailed information and directions on the Getting There section of the Rippon Lea Estate location page.

Wallaby Water

We are partnering with Wallaby Water this season to provide you with cool, refreshing water…in a can! Wallaby Water is Australia’s most recycled and most recyclable packaged water alternative.

As a response to the global single-use plastics crisis that threatens our oceans and causes millions of plastic bottles to enter landfill every day; Wallaby Water aims to replace plastic bottles with infinitely recyclable aluminium cans and bottles. Aluminium is Australia’s highest recycled beverage container.

Together, Wallaby Water and Barefoot Cinemas partnering so together, they can eliminate problematic plastics.

Visit The Wallaby Water Website

Propa Coffee Vendor

The Propa Coffee ute will be at all Barefoot Cinema venues this year – an environmentally friendly, local, small, self-contained coffee ute that delivers speciality coffee and hot/cold drinks – just what a Barefooter needs!

Their business focuses on providing high quality products and ingredients are sourced with this in mind. With over 15 years experience making Melbourne-style beverages, they ensure that every cup has the care and attention needed to make sure they match up to the Propa signature.

Coffee is roasted by Veneziano (Estate Blend)
Chai made by Wide open road from the best natural ingredients
Hot chocolate by Ratio (60% cacao and vegan) made in Melbourne!
Home made almond milk as well as Bonsoy and Milklab products
Superfood drinks like Turmeric and Beetroot lattes, as well as smoothies, milkshakes and iced drinks.

You can also expect delicious and healthy home-made snacks including the very addictive brownies, South American sweet treats, protein balls, banana bread and much more.

Check Out @propacoffee

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